2020 Taxes


Did someone say Stimulus? Get your missing stimulus by filing your 2020 tax returns ASAP. You can have it direct deposited in as little as 10 days after filing your return. Does anyone need an extra $2000?  Hurry before time to claim it runs out.



Every year, same thing. Same time.

Tax Time! 

Yaaaaaayyyyy! (or not)

It all depends on who you’re asking. 

If you ask our clients their response is YAAAAAYY

If you ask someone who did their own taxes online the response is more like “They’re done” or “crap – I have to pay how much?!?”

Never before has it been easier to do your own taxes online. Sincerely, we encourage it (if you know credits, Schedule C’s, deductions & assets).

If you don’t. Then don’t. 

We absolutely LOVE our competitors like the big T. We really do. Technology & simplicity are driving factors of this very website.

Easier is good.

Unfortunately, preparing your own taxes online means you’re still mainly operating on a computer-automated site. It’s awesome they’ve recently added personal service with virtual assistants too. I mean yeah – that’s cool. We love how they’re always upping their game. One day maybe they’ll go back to real one-on-one preparation?

The reason we say this is most are not familiar with every credit, deduction, tax law change, and new tax law. They shouldn’t have to be… it’s not their field of business.

Automation & live virtual assistants are still not enough to actually get your fully maximized refund.

Don’t trust us when we say:

You need a person in the know – looking directly at your documents and making the numbers work FOR you / not AGAINST you.

Find out for yourself.

  • Bare Pearls tax prep prices are less than the leading competitor (with a virtual assistant) and
  • We’re real people.
  • We specialize in Schedule C
  • It’s automated in our heads because we’re that good.

Most of our clients receive refunds. If not the first year then definitely by the 2nd year after receiving and following personalized advice based on their unique situation.

  • We care about your livelihood.
  • We care about your future.
  • We care about your peace of mind.

Because we care – you’ll receive the kind of help our friends and family members do… our whole heart.

Put the cherry on top going back 3 years. You can thank us later 🙂 

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