1+1 Your Way


Question/answer period with our 1+1 with one of our top specialists.



We all have questions. We all want answers.

We all also know the answers are definitely out there in Google somewhere. If you have spare time, energy, and desire to do the research the answer will eventually reveal itself after what seems like hours of digging.

Maybe today, you’re not up for it?

You could always call the government agency that has that correct answer (clears throat & says under breath “IRS”). But then you may get someone who doesn’t really know the answer and to be honest you can’t even really understand them.

After waiting on hold for 2 hours you may find yourself frustrated, hungry, and suddenly overwhelmingly in love with the idea of never using a telephone again.

You try really hard to get them to understand you. Still no resolution. What feels like it should’ve been straightforward ends up being something resembling a bad B-rated movie.

and to think… you thought it would be a quick call.

1+1 Your Way IS the quick answer to your quick questions.

Wait no more. Eat food! Continue using telephones. Indulge your impatience! Indulge your desire to have answers quickly.

Indulge Your Way.

1+1 Your Way is the ideal road to set your business and personal financial life on a sustainable path. We guide you towards success, financial well-being and serve as a personal coach for all things money-related.

  • We answer standard (and complex) questions relating to credit, sole proprietor businesses, taxes, licensing, and more.
  • Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with over 32 years of experience.

This is not your traditional Q&A.

It’s a pointed – One or Two questions… let me shoot them a text and see what they say.

It’s like having a friend in the medical field. Ya know – when you have a headache and a slight concern your head may explode. You shoot them and text and wait a little bit for a response. Low & behold within an hour or two they respond with:

“Don’t worry John – it’s normal to feel like it may explode but really it’s just a migraine. But if you’re worried – I can take a look or give you a referral.”

You suddenly feel a sense of relief. Someone you trust pointed you in the right direction.

That’s what you get in every Bare Pearls 1+1 Your Way session…trustworthy friend.

Each session is a question/answer period. You’ll have a dedicated 10-15 minutes with our reps to ask your most pressing question, get an answer/guidance so you can move on to the next important thing on your mind.

Your Way


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