Your Way

Are you tired of being forced to work with a company their way?

Bare Pearls communicates Your Way

You choose

text, phone call, social media, messenger, email or snail.

We come to you

Simply provide your preferred method during checkout and be sure to include a link where we can reach you!

Our team is 100% US-based

Our 2 requirements:

Communication must be private due to sensitive information on financial and legal documents.

Profile name & email must match the name/email of the person who placed the order.

Sensitive information is NEVER requested or repeated by Bare Pearls representatives after completion of the order. Your information is stored securely.

We hold privacy in the highest regard. All private social communications are very basic in nature. Double-checking information such as “We’re just confirming your business address” or a notification that your “filing is complete!”

Bare Pearls representatives are highly skilled in discretion. It’s a top priority!