About Us

They told me I couldn’t.

So I did.

– Fengari Fos, Founder

Fengari Fos

Founder. Believer in simplicity. Accountant & Tax Preparer. Dedicated Problem Solver and People lover.

Bare Pearls

without addition; basic and simple.

a person or thing of great rarity and worth.

334 Monterey Road
South Pasadena, Los Angeles, California USA

MEDIA: Press@barepearls.com

Bare Pearls

Who we are

Bare Pearls is a woman-owned financial firm seeking to streamline the processes of filing for licensing and ensure our clients actually do get the maximum tax refund. We’ve been in business for over 10 years starting out as a tax & accounting firm and gradually transformed. We noticed the majority of our clients had one of two issues... either they wanted to start a company or they had already started a company. It’s a good place to find oneself until it’s time to license. Then life gets complicated. Unnecessarily. We saw a need to uncomplicate our client’s lives and realized many desire this same simplistic path. No mess, not too much extra. We all know how much “extra” there is online. And here you are at the launch of this website. Welcome! We hope you find what you need to get your business up and running and your refunds coming. Quickly. Easily. Simply.

What matters most to us

Our hearts are connected to sole proprietors who, like us, started out as one person with a vision, willing to put their hearts and souls into their passion.

“Simply, accurately, quickly. Check, Verify, Check again.” is our motto.

We pride ourselves on always putting our best foot forward. As T. Harv Eker says “how you do anything is how you do everything”. Our “anything” is always our best. For years we’ve wrestled with the chaos of government agencies. Every city, county, & state has its own unique system for licensing. It’s quite overwhelming for most. Confusing to say the least. At Bare Pearls, we believe the old way of processing “paperwork” for the government is exactly that… old. There’s a better way. Our mission is to create it.

What we do

Bare Pearls provides one-stop, one-click, one-cart licensing to set up a sole proprietor’s business. We chose not to convolute our site with LLCs and Corps because, well, that just complicates it. BarePearls.com is a place where a Sole Proprietor can come and know “THIS is what I need.” Everything they’re looking at is just for the Sole Proprietor. Quickly, Easily, Simply. To aid in their journey and success we also prepare taxes and offer 1+1 Q&A (your way). Anytime there is a licensing, tax, or accounting question burning and one just needs a live person to help out… reach out using our unique mode of communication. It’s kinda foreign to most. Other companies don’t do it your way very often. WE WILL!

We are currently in the process of fully automating sole proprietor business licensing and building a mobile app. Subscribe to stay updated or follow us on social media!

Wonderful you.

Thankful us.

– Bare Pearls